A Box Full of Luxury Technology to Keep your Secrets Safe…


To coincide with Apple’s iPhone 6s release last Friday, we unveiled a very special collection along with a new feature added to our phones.  All presented in a beautiful cherry oak box to keep your secrets safe…

And how exactly?  We decided to combine our luxury customised Apple Watch with our luxury customised versions of the iPhone 6s.  The two devices synchronise to make communication and organisation streamlined, effortless and with our lustrous finishes in 24K Gold or Rose Gold, extremely elegant.  Furthermore, we are adding military grade encryption software to all our luxury customised iPhone 6s models, ensuring your secrets and your data will be kept safe.

The 1 year complimentary service will provide the capability to make highly secure encrypted calls, which will be a welcome feature amongst many of our high net worth clients in this age of data security and privacy vulnerability. The advanced software will not only safeguard phone calls but may also be used to secure text messages and attachment files.

In our iPhone 6s box sets, we are offering a choice between the Apple Watch with the classic link strap or the Milanese strap in a rich embellishment of 24k Gold or Rose Gold to match the luxury customised iPhone 6s of your choice.  Along with the box set, we are also offering complimentary laser engraving on the phone, so you can make the iPhone 6s truly your own or include a unique message to your loved one.

Limited to 99 of each finish, the luxury customised iPhone 6s Box Set makes for a unique gift and is available to order from our website here with a 50% deposit.





It’s here…

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