Taking a Rosy View of the iPhone 6s



We’re very impressed with the new colour that has been introduced to the iPhone 6s range – Rose Gold.  The warm metallic tone makes for an elegant frame surrounding the face of this brilliant new smartphone.  Of course, this is not a new concept for us as we have been turning iPhones Rose Gold for several years – embellishing the devices with genuine Rose Gold and impressed as we are with the iPhone’s new hue, nothing will beat the real thing for us.

Our craftsmen create this precious metal with a base of 24K Gold and warm it with copper elements.  The result is a lustrous mirror like finish that is both refined and luxurious.  It exudes confidence when lavished upon a black iPhone 6s and makes for a delicate prettier look when embellished on a white iPhone.  It also provides an alluring canvas upon which extra adornments such as Swarovski crystals and diamonds can be applied.  And for personal sentiment, our in-house designers are always willing to work with clients to apply a laser engraving onto the back of the phone, whether it be a name, meaningful symbol or inspiring quote, we love ensuring that each phone we customise is truly one of a kind.

Our Rose Gold customisations of the iPhone 6s include the classic Elite, the sparkling Brilliance, the Supernova and the Diamond RockStar.




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