It’s here…


So finally today the iPhone 6s made its debut appearance in Apple Stores across the world. In London alone, some Apple fans had set up camp in Covent Garden on Monday, sleeping overnight in tents for almost a week, just to be sure of getting their hands on Apple’s brand new device as soon as the store opened at 8am this morning.

Now that they have been set free into the world, we’re excited about finally getting our hands on the devices so we can start giving them the Midas Touch. The wait is over and our luxury customised iPhone 6s collection is now available to order from our website.  Our craftsmen are busy customising the first series of devices for our pre-ordering clientele.  If you  were one of the lucky ones to receive an iPhone 6s today, keep in mind that you can always upgrade it with our luxury customisation service. With beautiful finishes of 24k Gold, Platinum or Rose Gold and an array of luxurious materials such as mother of pearl, Swarovski crystals and even diamonds, our craftsmen are always ready to welcome your iPhone 6s with golden arms!  We can pick your phone up from any destination in the world using a secure courier service and will return your new iPhone to you swiftly in its new lustrous condition.

And we have some very exciting things in store regarding the iPhone 6s…  Watch this space!



2 more days…And the iPhone 6s will be here!

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