Adding our ‘Midas Touch’

iPhone- it’s not just the best-selling gadget ever created: it is easily the most influential one too! With every competing tech company constantly trying to keep up with Apple’s ever bettering designs and products, Steve Jobs has made something loved and wanted by millions.

What if we said we could take that love for Apple and their products even further? Here at Goldgenie, we are all about appreciating the finer things in life and we are constantly looking for products to take to the next level! So, logically we took one of the most sort after tech product on planet earth and added our own Midas touch to it!

Think about Apple’s truly stunning, high-tech iPhone Xs paired with our talented craftsman at Goldgenie and some 24k Gold- you’ve got yourself a unique and lavish iPhone!

The eagerly anticipated Goldgenie iPhone Xs Elite is now available to order. Available in the following finished; 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum Finish and the Diamond iPhone Xs this already sleek phone has had an opulent upgrade.

Check out our “Gold iPhone” section on our website to find out more information or get in contact with one of our dedicated team members. gold-iphone-icon-960x640

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