Every business man or woman needs the perfect office, and with individuals spending long stretches stuck in those 4 walls, why not make it an aesthetically pleasing space? Outdated offices and simple layouts could be damaging our wellbeing, what’s more it kills productivity!

First off why not switch out your standard desk for something a little more spectacular, Goldgenie’s Red Bull Collection boosts a truly remarkable Exhaust Table. Encased in the glass housing you will find a former car Inconel exhaust system counter-balanced by a block of machined acrylic. Dismantled and carefully mirror polished by hand, this truly unique desk will definitely have heads turning in your office.

And of course, no desk can exist without the perfect desk lamp! Yet, again Goldgenie’s Red Bull Collection has got you covered. Where once pieces of carbon-fibre provided cushioning for F1 drivers, as part of the cars suspension they now provide some very elegant lighting, the perfect companion for your exhaust table desk!

So, whether you are a director looking for something a little bit more unique and different for your workers or you are re-vamping your office and want something a little more luxurious, The Red Bull Collection has got you covered.


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