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Bloggess Christmas Wish List

As Christmas quickly approaches I have begun to formulate my wish list. First on my Xmas list, I want this Gold Gianfranco Ferre dress as seen on Cheryl Cole a few of weeks ago on X-factor (I don’t admit to watching the show mind you!).  It’s £8190…an amount that could possibly eat up any Christmas allowances but never the less, it’s fabulous!

Earlier this year I spotted Jenny (from the block) aka Ms Lopez in another amazing Gianfranco Ferre gold creation:

If she can have it, why can’t I, right ladies ???

Number 2 on my Xmas list – I want this for my bathroom:

What better way to add value to your property than to add a Swarvoski crystal toilet to your bathroom suite, surely the fact that the rest of the house might be in complete disrepair would be irrelevant with a toilet like this in the manor??? Designed by Jemal Wright it’s valued at around $75,000 (£48,000) and if you consider this from practical view point, using the toilet is a bit of daily necessity, so you would actually get value for money with this purchase, which justifies the cost in my opinion.

Number three on my Xmas List – I want this gold chair by Mansory for my office…I don’t actually have an office yet, but it’s around the corner, I can feel it! This chair is made from a carbon fiber frame and upholstered in supple gold padded leather. The chair costs roughly £16000… which poses the question: Is my bum worth it??? I know one person who would say yes ;0)

And last but not least a Gold Plated i-Pad by Goldgenie ;0)

My wish list is to be continued…

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