Diamonds are a girls best friend but even better when put to something useful!

Diamonds are one of the world’s most loved adornments, most often associated with decorative jewellery pieces but not generally mixed with every day objects such as modern technology and household gadgets… However, at Goldgenie we believe that every day is special and therefore we believe in adding our Midas Touch to every day objects.  Of course, the world seem to agree as our classic 24k Gold iPhone Elite Range is very popular, but we decided to go one step further with our latest limited edition iPhone. On top of lustrous layers of 24k Gold, we embellished it with hundreds of dazzling diamonds and this week we present the result to the world… The Diamond Ecstasy iPhone 6.

This limited edition model is available in Platinum and Rose Gold, along with 24k Gold and we are inviting clients to participate in the creative process and customise their iPhone exactly to their preferences.  This range and bespoke service is to cater to clients who have a taste for emeralds, rubies and other precious and semi-precious stones, along with rare coloured diamonds.   This choice in gemstones, along with our laser engraving options will ensure that the phone is a statement piece that blurs the boundaries between fine jewellery and modern technology and will ensure that the phone is truly the client’s own, to be replaced and unmatched by no other.

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