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Tiger Wood’s recent win in the 2019 Masters after such a hard 11 years and his first time back after having several major surgeries was, quoted from himself, “a triumph that is right up there with his greatest achievements”.

In light of his spectacular win this year we thought it would only be right to share our stunning Golf Collection with you. Goldgenie was commissioned to customise a TaylorMade four iron golf club for 2013 U.S. Open Champion, Justin Rose. The club which is beautifully embellished in 24k Rose Gold is now available for the public on our website. It would make the perfect addition to any golfer’s bag, so whether you are a golf enthusiast who also happens to appreciate the finer things in life or you are looking for a gift for a fellow golfer, this TaylorMade 24k Rose Gold Club would be the perfect fit.

And why not take your luxury golfing a step even further and pair your new club with our Gold Golf ball and tee. Again, embellished by our craftsmen in 24k Gold, these gold balls and tees can be spotted at some of the world’s most exclusive Golf Clubs. They are also regularly used by our VIP and celebrity clients when relaxing in Cypress Point and St Andrews. Not only the perfect gift for your golfing partner but a fabulous addition to your own golfing collection.



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