Goldgenie 18k Gold Apple Watch Diamond Ecstasy Could Save you Time…

The clever folks at Vanity Fair have done the maths behind owning an Apple Watch to see how much time it could save you. Widely heralded as the ultimate personal timepiece to manage your time in the digital age,  the Apple Watch could certainly save you all that time rummaging in your bag or pockets trying to find your phone/keys/credit card/plane ticket/store card etc.

In a country where time is money and money is time, Vanity Fair investigate whether the Apple Watch will give a worthwhile return on investment for the average American in their video, “Is the Apple Watch Worth Your Time?“.

Taking into account that the average American checks their smartphone 15o times a day and calculating the amount of time that the Apple Watch could save, it turns out Goldgenie’s dazzling £110,000 18k Gold Apple Watch Diamond Ecstasy may be worth more than its weight in gold for the likes of American Business Magnate Warren Buffett.  In fact it is recommended that he may wear one on each wrist! : )

Of course, at Goldgenie, we know that time is the greatest luxury and you cannot put a price on true luxury.  However, if financial projections have kept you on the fence where the Apple Watch is concerned, it is well worth watching this informative and entertaining video below.


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