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Goldgenie CI is redefining luxury in the Channel Islands

Sarah Wong, Goldgenie Channel Islands (CI)

After losing her mum to a terminal illness last year, Sarah Wong decided it was time to stop being a “normal” person in a “normal” mundane job and make her mark on the Channel Islands by doing what she had always dreamt of – owning her own business and being an entrepreneur.  After discovering the Channel Islands didn’t offer new innovative gold products and services such as gold, silver & chrome plating, she decided to contact Laban Roomes and purchase a business opportunity and licence the successful brand Goldgenie to setup ‘’Goldgenie Channel Islands’’ in St Peter Port, Guernsey.  Sarah Wong says “It has impacted my life immensely. I’m passionate about the products and services.  I feel it will be a huge success in the islands once everyone realises what we can offer. It’s great to be working with Laban in promoting the brand and the opportunities are endless. Goldgenie CI is striving for excellence in quality and service for the people of the Channel Islands.”  They are working with local businesses to offer the plating service to the public and would urge anyone else wishing to compliment their business with this service to contact Sarah at [email protected].  All products and services are VAT free for islanders.

Work done by Goldgenie Business Operators III

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