Goldgenie features on Channel 5’s highest rated show

Goldgenie on channel 5

Goldgenie on channel 5

Goldgenie global are proud to be featured on channel 5’s highest rated show this year “how the other half live”. The programme features and explores the tastes and expectations for excellence for the world’s wealthiest billionaires with a focus on products and services that cater for their elaborate lifestyles in London. Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford together are a very warm and likable duo that connect each supplier and what they do to the overall theme of the series. Last week, Ruth went shopping with a pair of Nigerian socialites, while Eamonn test-drove a £20m sports car and met Emin Agalarov, a billionaire who is funding his dream of becoming a pop star. The next episode (Tuesday 17th at 9pm on Channel 5) will feature Goldgenie and how the ultra rich have really enjoyed their products for their exclusive expertise in craftsmanship and ostentation, generating huge wealth for its owners in the process.
Some of the featured Goldgenie products on the programme is our 24K Gold bicycle ( which has really captured the imagination of the ultra wealthy and how to turn a functional product into a valuable ultra luxurious one. Also featured is our limited edition £2.3M diamond encrusted iPhone, ecstasy range ( and our Gold Elite range of customised devices ( . Eamonn and Ruth despite not being exactly penniless themselves, positively marvel at the extravagance of it all. Laban Roomes, the founder of Goldgenie talks to Ruth and Eamonn about the Goldgenie brand, the high net worth market and providing insight into what it is like being one of Britains most successful entrepreneurs.

Please do not miss the opportunity to watch this fascinating show, so be sure to set your recorders for Tuesday 9pm (GMT) on the 17th Nov 2015 on Channel 5.

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