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samsung stardust

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Goldgenie who are renown for their pioneering influence on the luxury tech market, were the first in the world to successfully embellish a Samsung smartphone in 24k Gold. Moving along a few months to the release of the popular Samsung S6 edge +.  Since its release in April 2015, the Samsung S6 Edge has become one of the most popular smartphones in the market with a cutting edge processor, large memory and classic design. Goldgenie are now proud to present the Stardust and Scripto Samsung S6 Edge limited edition models; one phone but two styles… the classic Scripto for the past and the Stardust for the future.
Inspired by the ancient metalwork of Byzantine times, Goldgenie proudly unveil the lSamsung S6 Edge Scripto. Featuring an ornate filigree pattern and a sparkling 24k Gold finish, this special edition Samsung Galaxy smartphone is a unique merging between high performing technology of today with an appreciation of timeless design from the past.

The Stardust beams with a textured 24k Gold finish to create a stunning futuristic high-tech look that is simply out of this world. Framed in a contrasting high shine 24k Gold finish, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is an understated nod to luxury craftsmanship, confidently resting on the cusp of the present as the magic of the future lies ahead.

The Samsung S6 Edge Stardust and Scripto models will be limited to only 99 each and are now available to order from Goldgenie’s website and will include a complimentary license for one year’s military grade encryption to safeguard your personal data and protect your phone calls from unwelcome third parties. You can preorder these special customised devices at

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