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5 Reasons to Snag One of Goldgenie’s Limited Edition Custom Gold iPhone 13s – Before They’re Gone!

Goldgenie’s Limited Edition Custom Gold iPhone 13s

Goldgenie’s Limited Edition Custom Gold iPhone 13s

At, we’re the world’s experts in luxury gold gifts. We were the first in the world to introduce gold-plated iPhones, now an iconic symbol of exclusivity among celebrity and elite crowds. With the introduction of the new Apple iPhone 13s coming soon, here are 5 reasons to reserve your very own limited edition 24K Gold, Platinum, or Rose Gold phone before they’re all sold out. 

An Exclusive Status Symbol



With only 500 of each custom finish available through Goldgenie’s website, it’s no secret that these limited-edition phones are going to be the ultimate symbol of status among lovers of fine things. We’re taking pre-orders on our site starting on September 15th and will begin shipping deliveries worldwide 14 days after Apple’s official launch of the phone later this month. 


Custom Laser Engraving


As a courtesy to our valued clientele, we offer custom laser engraving with every order. That means that in addition to getting a custom 24K Gold, Platinum, or Rose Gold phone—one of only 1500 that will ever be produced—you also get to personalize the item with a name and message, quote, date, or other meaningful details to commemorate the item’s specialised creation. 


Worldwide Shipping


Goldgenie luxury custom gifts are available to be shipped anywhere in the world via secure trackable delivery by DHL. All items are shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity and a luxury gift box. 

Show That Special Someone How Much You Really Care



Placing a pre-order for a new and exclusive custom Gold, Platinum, or Rose Gold iPhone 13 is an undeniable way to show someone significant in your life how much you care. Celebrate a marriage, anniversary, or another milestone with this ultra-luxurious and practical gift. Every time that person uses their custom phone (which studies suggest can be hours each day), they will be reminded of you and your thoughtfulness and generosity. 


Select a Premium Business Gift for Your Best Customers


Nothing says “thank you” …for your business, your partnership, your time, then a gift that is unlike any other. Not only is our custom iPhone 13 line highly exclusive with only 1500 limited edition phones being produced, but, they are also gifts that accrue value over time and hold a real everyday purpose as well. Delight customers, high importance prospects, and hand-picked partners with an exclusive custom finished iPhone 13 from Goldgenie and prepare for a reaction unlike any other. Clients who receive these extra special gifts may thank you by posting about it for all their social media to see or it may even be the final detail that clinches a huge deal your team has been working on for months. 

Whether you’re thinking about getting a new and exclusive custom finished iPhone 13 from Goldgenie for yourself or as a gift for someone else, your best bet is to move fast. With only 1500 of these available, there is only a small opportunity to pre-order these one-of-a-kind gifts.

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