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Will Gold Plating Wear Off?

Will Gold Plating Wear Off

Gold plating will wear off and at the same time, will not. This depends solely on the item being plated in gold and the amount of gold karat used. If it is jewellery, it will eventually wear off, unfortunately. This is because they only have sheets of gold covering the base metals. Other items such as phones plated in solid gold will not wear off because they are heavily plated in 18 or 24k gold like Goldgenie standard.


Considering the jewellery, there are different thicknesses and karats of gold in which other metals such as copper, brass, even silver are plated. Those superior in quality are referred to as gold fillings, while those with very thin plating sheets and low karats of gold still retain the essential term, gold plating. Gold-filled pieces of jewellery have at least 5% per cent of the entirety of the weight of the jewellery to be real gold and so will not wear off quickly, while gold plated jewellery only has about 0.0005 inches of gold laid on the base metal. The difference is quite significant, hence the gold-filled jewellery can last for several years, about ten, while gold plating might last for at most, two years.

For those that are not very familiar with gold and jewellery generally, there is a possibility of putting these amiss, and most, unfortunately, many sellers are beginning to label gold plated pieces of jewellery as gold filled jewellery, knowing most people want gold jewellery that will not wear off quickly. One major way to know and punch this is from the price tag. If you find a piece of gold-filled jewellery at a ridiculously low price, you can be sure it is a gold plated item that might wear off quickly.

How do I prevent my gold plated jewellery from wearing off?

Naturally, when metals are put in gold, solid gold, however little, it makes more sense. It becomes more beautiful and adds, at least, little value to it. If it were the base metal alone, such as copper or brass, maybe they’d just be bypassed by almost everyone. Perhaps only the silver medal would pass for a reasonable sales rate as it is the closest to valuable jewellery as gold.

However, a significant determinant of wearing gold plated jewellery is how it is handled. All jewellery is to be handled carefully, but sometimes, you can be more carefree if it’s solid gold and know its durability. The most basic yet best way to care for your gold plated jewellery is to wear it less in water. You can wear it in water but doing that every time only gets your gold plated jewellery to wear off faster. Asides from water, it should be worn less, which also keeps it from your body sweat. It shouldn’t be on the go every day.

Moreover, it should be cleaned with the appropriate dust or any other solution or chemical and foam, especially after being out on a dusty day. Also, your gold plated jewellery should be kept in its appropriate box and not rusty metals that can help it tarnish.

Should I buy a gold plated item?

Yes, you should buy gold plated jewellery, especially if you have a budget and can’t do luxury at the moment. If you buy gold plated jewellery with proper care, it will last well, fair enough for its price range compared to a piece of solid gold jewellery.

Asides from jewellery, you can also buy gold plated phones which do not wear off as they have a hefty amount of gold plated in them and as you know, this is your good home for it.


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