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New Apple iPhone 5 Finally Arrives September 12th?

Well there have been rumours of it’s arrival for so long now that it is hard to believe that it is finally here! There was a lot of disappointment when the iPhone 4S was launched as everybody was expecting to see a new look Apple iPhone with an array of new features, only to be greeted with a replica of the iPhone 4 but with a few new funky features.

This time around will prove to be different with the brand spanking new and exciting iPhone 5. There have been some images of the so called new handset doing the rounds but what will it really look like? Will it look like some suggest as shown below? Or will it be a similar looking handset to the one we already know but with the rumoured bigger 4″ display screen? Whatever it looks like you can be sure it will be an exciting release and we at Goldgenie cannot wait to get our hands on one and customise it as only Goldgenie can!

New iPhone 5?

Latest iPhone 5 rumours have suggested that the eagerly awaited Apple iPhone 5 release date will be confirmed during a special Apple launch event on September 12th

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