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Samsung Galaxy S4: Review

Following the stunning success of the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung have just released the latest incarnation in their Galaxy family, and it’s a phone tipped by some to seriously compete with the iPhone 5. If you’re wondering what phone to get, then take some time to read this review of the latest Android offering.


The way that the S4 looks may be one of the only things that users feel could be improved, but nevertheless Samsung have continued with a similar design that has made them into the mobile phone giants they are – they must be doing something right.
In terms of the overall look, Samsung have continued down the route of the screen covering the majority of the front of the phone, which looks good and also ensures that a maximum amount of screen is available for photos, videos and webpages. One big bonus is that the size has not increased at all from the S3 – highly impressive since this phone is a lot more powerful.


The S4’s display is one of its the biggest selling points, and for good reason. The Samsung offering certainly rivals Apple’s ‘Retina Display’ and the result is a stunning screen that is great for surfing the web, checking out photos or watching your favourite TV show. It’s also bigger than the screen on the S3 – no mean feat considering the size of the phone hasn’t changed.


The S4’s performance is notably better than its predecessor, and that’s as a direct result of a new quad-core processor that enables it to work very hard indeed. It also offers a bunch of new features that aim to set it apart from the rest of the competition. It can be used as a TV/DVD remote, which is very handy indeed and offers a micro SD card slot for increased storage. It also features a user replacement battery, bucking the trend for self contained batteries among smartphones and this is actually very handy indeed as it allows you to carry a spare battery with you when your phone runs out.


As mentioned, some may feel that the aesthetics of the phone could be improved, but when you’ve got a phone that can do what this one can you’re unlikely to complain. Some testers have experienced slight issues with the power button whilst the camera can be a bit hit and miss but generally they are both features that work well. The new software features are great but the sheer multitude of them can be confusing until you’ve had a chance to really absorb yourself in what your new phone can offer you.


The S4 is certainly as good as anything else currently on the market and will certainly delight Samsung fans eager for the latest dose of technology from the Korean giant.

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