We all like a little bit of luxury in our lives and we all love to bestow and receive gifts from the people we’re close to. However, everyone likes different things and more often than not, men and women have different ideas of what makes a gift truly luxurious. If you’re a man looking for the perfect gift ideas for her, check out this top 5 luxury gifts for women.




A classic option for a reason; nothing says luxury like a pair of diamond earrings, a precious stone, or a beautiful necklace. Women and jewellery have gone hand in hand for centuries, and the right pieces can help inject some glamour and sophistication into a woman’s life. There are plenty of options to choose from – pendants, bracelets, rings – all of which are sure to delight.

Recommended Product: 14K White Gold Onyx and Pearl Pendant




Perfume is a diverse and useful tool in a woman’s life; they use different scents for different occasions, there are scents for the day and scents for the evening, scents for summer and scents for winter, the list goes on. It’s easy enough to pick up a bottle from behind the counter at your local chemists, but why not be daring and splash out on a designer fragrance for her?

Recommended Product: Gianni Versace Couture Eau de Parfum



Many jokes have been made about women and their apparent fascination with handbags, but it remains that handbags are incredibly useful as well as a handy accessory. Why not make her day to day life a little more luxurious with a designer handbag? She can carry everything she needs and look fabulous whilst doing it.

Recommended Product: Calvin Klein Collection Colour Block Shoulder Bag


Special Trips

Your gifts don’t always have to be typical; sometimes it’s good to think outside the box. Give her a special day out, be it a long weekend or a day at the spa. There are plenty of luxury package deals to be found on the internet that cover all kinds of activities; it might cost you a little more money, but she’ll have a great time.

Recommended Product: Spa Day Special Getaway Incl. Massage and Bubbly – The Spa at Brook Mollington Banastre Hotel.


Beauty Products


Beauty products are another firm favourite for woman, and replicating the spa experience in the home is a fine luxury gift indeed. Treat her to a gift basket stuffed with high-end and indulgent soaps, creams, candles, everything she could possibly need to truly pamper herself. There are sites that will allow you to build up a basket from scratch, so you can pick and choose the very best products available.

Recommended Product: Queen of Pamper Gift Basket


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