Gold Trash Bin

Image via Trend Hunter You might want to keep this one inside because it might not be there in morning.  Gold-plated bins by ...
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Gold Security Tag

Image via Trend Hunter Facing the crowds on Boxing Day might be a lot easier if the clothes came equipped with these beautiful ...
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Bling Spray

Image via OhGizmo, Trend Hunter Why spray butter when you can spray gold?  Bling your food with OhGizmo.
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Luxury Ashtray

Image via Trend Hunter We all agree smoking is not good for the health and you probably been trying to tell all your ...
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Golden Denim

Image via Trend Hunter Kohzo Denim Disco Pants How many of us treasure our fabulous fitting jeans as if they were made of ...
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Olympic Medal Lights

Image via Trend Hunter Inspired by vacuum flasks, references to the 2010 Vancouver Olympic medals, these Tom Dixon Void lamp designs are unique. ...