The Year of the Rat

Let us start by saying Happy Chinese New Year from us all at Goldgenie! 春节快乐!

2020 marks the ‘Year of the Rat,’ the symbol for wealth, prosperity and abundance. What more could you really ask from the year? This year’s element is Metal (Gold) which of course is Goldgenie’s forte so we definitely had to produce something that could commemorate this auspicious year!

Now, we recently launched our iPhone 11 Pro/ Max in 24k Gold, Platinum and Rose Gold, alongside the most recent Diamond edition. For this year ‘Year of the Rat’ Goldgenie has created a collectable Gold iPhone, made from solid 24k Gold and embellished with VVS1 Diamonds.

Combining the New year symbol of the Rat with the number 8, symbolising infinity- to make a fortune, this very rare edition is now available online. With only 20 of each version hitting the market, it is truly a unique and special gift for anyone who keeps Chinese Year close to their heart.


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