Top Private Jet Companies


Why not travel in luxury with these Top Private Jet Companies from all over the world offering more than a flight but an experience and accessibility wherever you are in the world.


Starting in 1964 NETJETS Are more than just a fleet, but a promise. That wherever you are in the world they will be there for you. They own a fleet of 750 and all luxury and uniquely designed. Bringing consistency and comfort throughout their fleet. 

They have 8 aircraft types, you can book a flight 10 hours before. Over 45,000 annual flights with 5000 destinations worldwide and 900 airports in Europe spanning more than 110 countries. Bringing in more than 127 Million Miles in 2019 alone. 

They have created a superior experience of luxury with rested air-craft specific pilots and cleaned stocked to meet the requirements of each individual passenger. 


Founded in 2013, there are three membership options. WHEELS UP CONNECT it’s ideal for first-time or occasional private flyers, with a guaranteed aircraft within 24 hours notice. WHEELS UP CORE ideal for more frequent flyers, with luxury and convenience up to 365 days a year and as little as 24 hours notice. WHEELS UP BUSINESS ideal for any size that value a safe, flexible and economic flight. Without having to own an asset or making a long term commitment. 

There has never been a higher quality option for flying. With access to the exclusive King Air 350i and four different jet categories. Phoning or using the app you can instantly request a real-time inventory.



Giving a mention to XOJET which launched in 2006, Delta Private Jets which began in 1984. 

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