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Travelling in style

Everybody knows that the travel between destinations is the worst part about any trip. The long haul, red-eye flights home can truly spoil any relaxing holiday, and especially if business is involved it can be the cause of some very long hours.

Travelling in style means more than just luxurious interiors, private flyers can enjoy quicker ground transfers, smaller terminals to navigate before and after departure, as well as the possibility of a car pick-up straight from the tarmac. The private flying experience is a one that is designed to create comfort, luxury and ease when flying, right from your arrival to departure.

Refreshingly different from the usual airline experience, flying private completely revolves around you. Unlike commercial airlines, where takeoffs and landings have to be in keeping with strict timetables when you are the only individual flying everything caters to your needs. So, do you need a direct flight from Paris to Zürich and then back to London the same day? No worries! Not only does flying private give you the ability to keep within in your tight timetable, but it can also be tweaked as the day progresses.

Upon arrival at the airport you are escorted to the executive jet operator’s private terminal, where you will find invariably a comfortable lounge, with internet access of course, and if you happen to be early- you will be able to unwind with some light refreshments. Skipping the massive ques- you would find on any commercial flight, you are instead greeted with an immensely short security process of a few minutes. Personally, welcomed by your pilot you are then escorted to your waiting aircraft.

With no allowance on baggage, you definitely don’t need to worry about choosing between your glorious range of evening outfits or your Goldgenie 24k Gold Egyptian ornaments to personalise your holiday home.

And of course, then there is the food- the fabulous, decadent array of food that private offers. With truly bespoke dining we can cater to your every need- from having your favourite malt or vintage champagne chilled or must-have desert on-hand. Michelin-star quality food is served by your dedicated staff, and any diet is catered for- Kosher to Vegan.

So next time a long-haul flight is calling do it true style, luxury and comfort- with a flying experience that is designed and unmatchable to any other airline or class!

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