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What is Luxury? Find answers at the V&A


Luxury skimming stone with belt pouch by Dominic Wilcox

While the world is singing its praises about the Alexander McQueen exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, the exhibition we are most excited about is the museum’s current “What is Luxury?” exhibition.  Luxury can be interpreted in so many ways… Some place it on par with “expensive”, for some it is “rarity” or “exclusivity”.  Craftsmanship, bespoke and precious are other words associated with Luxury and for some, it is simply “time”.

At Goldgenie, we have long enjoyed turning modern technology and every day items into luxury items with our Midas Touch and the “What is Luxury” exhibition explores several perspectives on luxury.  Our favourite piece of course is the 24 carat Gold leaf pebble by Dominic Wilcox.  Playing with the nostalgic activity of stone-skimming, Wilcox conveys the notion of singling out a commonplace thing, merging it with luxury ideals, only to be thrown away.  Nonchalance and the ability to let go of precious things is the ultimate luxury.

The exhibition is at the V & A Museum, South Kensington, London until 27th September 2015.  Well worth a visit and we’d love to hear your ideas on it!

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