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On Tuesday, we were delighted to welcome Martin Reinders, Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Sammobile.com, the largest Samsung community publication on the internet, to our workshop in London.  He flew over from Holland with his colleague Kristian to have a first-hand glimpse of the Gold plating process of our luxury customised Samsung Galaxy S6 Prism.

We love Samsung smartphones and were proud to accomplish the complex gold-plating process of its Galaxy S5 and Alpha models’ polycarbonate surface within the past year.  Their beautiful S6 and S6 Edge models soon followed, for which we have given a unique light catching 22K Gold embellished hologram surface, and  framed with our signature mirror like 24k Gold plated contrasting border, this stunning smartphone we call the 24K Gold Samsung S6 Prism is  a sight to behold.

Prism S6 All about Samsung! Goldgenie welcome Sammobile to London

Our technician is both meticulous and FAST! (ok not THAT fast – some timelapse effect has been used here)

As interested as Sammobile were to hear about Goldgenie’s story from CEO and founder Laban Roomes and the methods behind our Midas Touch, we were as interested to hear about the story of Sammobile and the expertise and passion behind their website.  Inspired by every mobile innovation of the Korean technology giant, the website publishes about fifteen articles a day and is a top resource for product  information, launch leaks, tricks and shortcuts for everything to do with Samsung mobile products, from phones to cameras.

Martin and Kristian filmed an interview with Laban and a Samsung S6 Edge customisation demonstration. They also took a shine to our other Gold items dotted around our HQ.  We would like to thank Martin and Kristian for taking the time to visit us and they are welcome back any time!

Read full feature by clicking the link below:

Screen Shot 2015 08 07 at 11.27.27 All about Samsung! Goldgenie welcome Sammobile to London