The Next iPhone… When will it be here and what can we expect?


iPhone 6s Concepts from around the web: In Clockwise order from top left:,,,

It’s that time of year… when summer days become all the more precious as leaves begin to turn yellow under the scrunch of sunshine and a sense of autumn lingers on the horizon. As inevitable as the turning of the seasons, we have come to expect Apple to unveil the launch of a new iPhone model. The second week of September to be more precise… but do we have a precise date? Not just yet… but 9th September is the rumoured date for the Keynote launch and if the pattern continues we can expect that the phone itself will be available to purchase two weeks later.

Do we have a name for the phone yet?  Some people predict it will be called the iPhone 6s .  Others are expecting Apple to head straight to the 7.  The general consensus is that there will be a plus version of the next model. And there is even a murmur that there will be a third phone launched this year – an iPhone 6c, an upgrade from Apple’s cheaper release, the iPhone 5c.

And what do we know about this phone? Well the new phone will run on iOS 9, Apple’s latest software for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  Siri is expected to become more intuitive, adapting to the user’s behaviour and habits.  It is also anticipated that Apple will integrate the Force Touch feature on the phone which is already included in the Apple Watch.  Physically the phone is not expected to be much different to the iPhone 6 but will possibly boast a higher resolution display.

We are very excited at Goldgenie to see what September will bring from Apple.  Of course our technicians have their tools at the ready to apply the Midas Touch to this year’s new iPhone models.  Make sure to register your interest here and be the first to know when we are taking pre-orders for our luxury customised versions of the latest iPhone 6s.  The phone will be available in our lustrous finishes of 24K Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum.

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