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As we enter the season of joy, parties and music, it’s a great idea to give your sound streams a makeover. Whether it’s for listening to your own personal summer soundtrack through your iPhone on the beach or to show off your dj skills by the pool, we have a beautiful range of sound accessories to ensure your favourite sounds are amplified in Gold.

Goldgenie’s megaphone speakers in lustrous finishes of 24k Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum make a for a modern musical talking point and are perfect for sharing the sounds of your iPod or iPhone. Crafted in a small Italian design studio, these handmade ceramic pieces are formed into an elegant horn shape to optimize sound output.

These megaphones not only give a room a modern sculptural edge but they are also highly useful in the workplace as a stylish conference accessory. They make for a very elegant talking piece but the sound quality is so good, the best thing to do is sit back and listen or get up and dance!

24k Gold Ceramic Megaphone

24k Gold Ceramic Megaphone

On a more personal level and for the ultimate in luxury, we offer beautiful handcrafted 18k Gold earbuds, which not only give you perfect sound quality but adorn your look with as much elegance as a long gold chain.


Our Swarovski encrusted Beats headphones are a sight to behold.  We all know their reputation for undisputed pristine quality and our meticulously customised set will not only ensure your ears receive your favourite music in studio quality fashion but they will add some very fashionable sparkle to your style.



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