Goldgenie featured on top American Gameshow The Price is Right

Goldgenie are proud to have presented their beautiful 24k Gold customised iPad Air 2 on top American Gameshow “The Price is Right” Watched by millions in the U.S.A. and franchised to countries for their own versions all over the world, The Price Is Right has aired over 8,000 episodes since its debut in 1972 and is one of the longest-running network series in United States television history. In a 2007 article, TV Guide named The Price Is Right the “greatest game show of all time.”

Goldgenie’s iPad Air 2 is meticulously embellished in lustrous 24k Gold and made for a spectacular prize on the gameshow; a prize that is not only beautiful but is also practical and Goldgenie wish the winner well every enjoyment with it.

The exposure on this Gameshow has generated massive interest and a new wave of demand from customers in the U.S.A.
Goldgenie 24k Gold iPad Air 2

Goldgenie at the Oscars

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