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We’re very excited about our new partnership with “Simply Abu Dhabi“, an exquisite quarterly publication based in the United Arab Emirates. “Simply Abu Dhabi” resides on the motto “Your Passport to Pure Luxury” and offers a world of the finest elements of luxury lifestyle, fashion, architecture and travel within its pages.  While establishing a digital presence, “Simply Abu Dhabi” has conserved the quality and special occasion of opening a printed edition and the pages of the magazines emit a unique sensory experience. Due to the rarity of the magazines and small run of prints, the magazines are like coffee table books and make great collectors items, reflective documents binding the most luxurious discoveries of our times.

As Goldgenie prepare to establish a physical presence in the United Arab Emirates, we chose Simply Abu Dhabi as the perfect partners to convey the beauty and craftsmanship of our luxury customised items to the local residents.  Goldgenie will be appearing in Simply Abu Dhabi’s forthcoming issue, due out on 17th May.  In the meantime, the magazine’s previous editions may be viewed on their website here.  They call it Simply Abu Dhabi but we like to think of it as Simply the best!

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