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The Stunning Red Bull Collection – the perfect story to tell your grandchildren

When you think of Red Bull, it’s not just an energy drink but symbolism of adventure and adrenaline and Goldgenie’s stunning limited-edition Red Bull Collection just perfectly embodies all of that. Made up of some truly magnificent pieces all handcrafted and inspired by high-performance car parts, each taking many hours to craft together, it is the perfect collection to choose a gift from for any car enthusiast.

So, do you have a loved one who is crazed about Formula One Racing? With each item coming with a certificate of authenticity and a history of where the part was raced and what team used it, it is truly a-one-of-a-kind and an extremely memorable gift. Something that will definitely become a family air loom which will be passed down from generation to generation, accompanied by a very heartfelt, emotional story of its origin.

Formula one is single-seater racing; one man, one car and one track! This traditional game of solitaire which has been given an urban twist, too is a single seater. Designed with one individual in mind, this game that has been played in many generations past and hopefully in many yet to come was created around a Carbon brake disc from the race-winning RB5 from the Championship Winning Red Bull Racing of 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013. Making it not only a perfect brain-training game but something that with have the boys talking at games night.

So, whether you are looking to impress Frank and Jo at the next poker night or you are looking for a special and unique gift for some special, our Red Bull Collection has got you covered.


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