Goldgenie 24K Gold HTC 1 to be Won at The Kiyan Prince Foundation Fundraising Event Tuesday 25th November

The Kiyan Prince Foundation is to host fundraising event, In Celebration of Kiyan on Tuesday 22nd November at the iCAN Studios in Hackney, London. Goldgenie, the luxury customisation specialists, have donated a 24K Gold HTC 1 smartphone to be given away as a prize at the event, which will include a raffle, champagne reception and free buffet. The event will be presented by renowned compare David McQueen and there will be live performances from Michelle Escoffery, Slim the Comedian and music by DJs Mad Andy and Jumping Jack Frost. It is bound to be a great evening, through which the foundation hope to raise enough funds to purchase a minibus and Goldgenie are proud to contribute towards such a worthy cause.

The Kiyan Prince Foundation is very close to the heart of Goldgenie.  The Foundation was founded by good friend of Goldgenie founder Laban Roomes, ex professional boxer Mark Prince after the tragic death of his son Kiyan in May 2006.  Kiyan, who played football for QPR’s under 16 team, was tipped to play for England and had the world before him when was tragically stabbed whilst trying to protect his friend outside his school in Edgware.

The Kiyan Prince Foundation runs workshops and programmes to educate young people in schools, prisons and other establishments about the dangers of knife and gun crime and raising awareness about the true and devastating effects that knife culture is having on their futures and the communities.  The foundation is also proactive about providing young people with constructive outlets for their aggression and energy such as boxing classes and fitness programmes, alongside  inspirational talks to encourage them to fulfill their full potential.  The foundation’s education initiative is as much about prevention as it is about opportunity.

“It’s outrageous that a talented young man should be cut down in the prime of his life outside the gates of his school, especially when all he was trying to do was protect a friend.  Knife crime amongst youths is a serious and dangerous threat in the U.K. and needs to be completely obliterated from our streets. The Kiyan Prince Foundation is doing great work to educate young people about the tragic consequences of knife crime.  It is this education at ground level that is preventing further tragedies such as the one Kiyan and his family have had to suffer and marking the path to positive change,” stated Laban Roomes, CEO, Goldgenie Global.

For tickets to the event, which will take place on the evening of Tuesday 25th November at the iCAN Studios in Hackney, please visit

More information about The Kiyan Prince Foundation can be found here.





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