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Goldgenie Product Brochure 2020


Introducing Goldgenie Product Brochure 2020. The most luxurious, elegant catalog of 2020, our mission statement is to pioneer, innovate, and excel in the supplying of quality luxury gifts and services. We are a London based company founded in 1995 by the award-winning entrepreneur Laban Roomes. With recently opening our flagship store in a newly opened retail plot in Dubai. 

The product catalogue contains the most glorious 24K Gold items. Not only are they the best products in the world but they are glazed with extravegents and class, upgrading them to a new level. 

To name a few, we have the 24K Gold IMAC 27 inch 5K. The iMac is the ultimate desktop experience. The best visual display coupled with a high-performance processor and incredible state-of-the-art graphics card. It’s all in a sumptuous 24K Gold enclosure. Wrapping technology with class and luxury. In our 27-inch embellished model, it has been hand crafted and finished by our master craftsman taking over 650 hours. Giving an incredible image quality and presence in your home. 

Our new implementation this year is the all NEW 24K Gold and Platinum Roses. They now come complete with newly designed luxury packaging and a unique single Rose stand. Goldgenie Eternal Roses are real roses perfectly preserved in genuine 24k Gold and Platinum capturing every minute detail, making them the perfect choice and symbol of your eternal love and friendship. 

Travel in style this year or display this beautiful 24K Gold Men’s Racing Bike. Our specialists have meticulously applied a lustrous layer of 24K gold to the entire structure from the top of the drop handlebars to the wheel stays, and every other part in between, including every ridge of the gear chain. This gold model is offset with a limited edition soft Marco suede saddle and SR4 racing tires. 

These are but a few of the many incredible products we have lined up in our Product brochure. Be sure to gleam through from cover to cover and find something that will elevate you in luxury throughout 2020. Make the second half of this year the brightest it can be with sophisticated 24K gold products from Goldgenie. 

Remember with Goldgenie you can personalize almost every product in our catalog with a laser engraving. From birthdays to holidays give your gifts that extra splash of personality and creativity. For more details head of to our website.

View our brochure here.

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