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Rooting through our master gold-plater’s archives, we found these charming 24k Gold plated letters!  Embellished as an example to show our trainees, these letters are actually meant for decorating a car but can lend themselves to anything!  How about spelling your name and placing on your bedroom door? They can be stuck onto cupboards and boxes, bookshelves to categorise your home library… Or  how about plating a whole alphabet for a luxurious twist on the alphabet fridge magnets?  The possibilities are endless…!

Anyone can learn how to embellish any conductive item you like with 24k Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Silver or Chrome through our Goldgenie Business Opportunity. The programme provides you with all the training you need you need to start a business in gold-plating and start your gilded independent career, where you can have the opportunity to attain financial independence and freedom with your time.

There are many ways to be creative with the art of Gold-plating and create unique gifts and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.  The above is just one example, but one thing we know for sure is that everyone loves their name in Gold!


Image Source: Inspired By Charm




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