We love a good story about Gold and this week brought in a good one as a 16 year old girl found a Gold bar two meters below the surface of a Bavarian Lake, Koenigssee lake, a popular tourist attraction near the Austrian border.  The bar measures over 6 inches in length and is 500g/17.6oz in weight and is said to be worth €16,000.

Unfortunately with treasure such as this, it is not such as simple case of “finders keepers.” The girl handed the bar into local police and local divers were sent to search to see if there were other bars in the surrounding area.  The spot is rumoured to be the location of a Nazi hoard.  However, German police deny this and say that the bar is from an earlier period.  Tests are currently being carried out by scientists to decipher who the true owner of this mysterious piece of bullion is.  Come to think of it, one of our Goldsmiths might have been sailing in Germany last summer…   Ok it doesn’t quite look like our Gold Ingots but we can always try our luck! : D

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