So it is getting closer to that time of the year, Christmas! The time to treat someone to a Goldgenie product.

Some people struggle with getting that special someone a gift, we have come up with a list that you can use to help to get that special gift.

One of Goldgenie’s most popular gifts has to be their Gold Roses. They are perfectly preserved in 24k gold, platinum and resin making sure they will literally last forever, as each petal and leaf is perfectly preserved. We know from fossilised remains dating back over 35 million years that the Rose is one of the first flowers to adorn the Earth and has since become a symbol of Love, Peace and Beauty. Roses are available in 24k Gold and Platinum in a variety of colours and also the option for the gift to come in it’s own storage box. To view all of Goldgenie’s Gold Roses click here.

Goldgenie roses preserved in 24k gold, platinum and resin.


If your special someone is a fan of watches, look no further. Goldgenie specialise in Gold watches, from Apple Watches to Rolex watches. The Apple Watch 2 Spectrum Collection is vailable in 24k Gold, Rose Gold or platinum with Swarovski style crystals and a choice of exotic animal skin straps. The Apple Watch 2 is unlike no other. It can it tell the time and a lot more. By syncing with your calendar, your notes, and your schedule, it understands your personal use of time and allows for seamless management of your life.  To view Goldgenie’s Apple Watch 2 click here.

Goldgenie roses preserved in 24k gold, platinum and resin.


Of course not to forget Goldgenie’s new range of Gold iPhone 8 & iPhone X. Not just in 24k Gold, costumers can also purchase this new range in Rose Gold, Platinum or Diamond Cluster. Each device comes in its own Cherry Oak finish box to add that extra special touch for a gift. Order your iPhone 8 or iPhone X today for only a 50% deposit here.

iPhone 8 & iPhone x Range


Those are three of our favourite gifts to give to a special someone. Let us know your favourite luxury gift from the Goldgenie range below in the comments. To view all of Goldgeni’s luxury gift range click here.