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Gold Bullion Lighter

This electronic arc Gold Lighter is customized using 24k Gold and uses innovative technology to solve the problem of the traditional arc lighter which can be limited by narrow space when it is ignited. While the Goldgenie ARC lighter can light things with flat surfaces in virtually any weather conditions. Made in a Gold ‘Bullion’ style this a complimentary gift for budding executives. Goldgenie, Re-defining luxury.

  • 24k Gold ‘Bullion Style’ ARC lighter
  • Can be used for candles, BBQ, Fireplace etc.
  • ECO-Friendly
  • Reusable and Re-chargeable
  • Built-in high-performance lithium battery
  • Gift Box
  • Lifetime warranty

Gold Bullion Lighter


Gold Bullion Electric Arc Lighter

Price: £147.00

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