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Price: £1,299

Gold Solutions Packages

The GPRO 900 is an innovative portable gold plating system that allows its user to metalize hundreds of everyday items in a range of precious and semi-precious metals including 24k Gold and Platinum. Simple to use and understand the GPRO 900 portable metallizer comes complete with a Quickstart guide and step-by-step video tutorial that will have you plating your first item in under 6 mins.

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Included in your GPRO 900 Portable gold plating system are the following: (Please make 4 columns of the list below)

Gold plating kit un-boxing & training video​

Learn how to gold plate any metallic surface within a few minutes of un-packing and setting up your GPR0 900 system – Genuine 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Silver, Bright Nickel, Bright Copper, and Chrome solutions included.
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