18k Solid Gold & 24k iPhone 15 Luxury range

Introducing the opulent iPhone 15 luxury collection, with London Assay Office 18k Solid Gold Hallmarked ICON, and range of exquisite embellished 24k Gold, Rose Gold, or Radiant Platinum iPhones. Apple’s much-awaited iPhone 15, unveiled in September 2023, is now available for online purchase through our website or official authorized resellers in-store. Goldgenie has been at the forefront of customizing Apple devices since the first iPhone launched in 2007 and winning investment in the Dragons Den.

from £3199

– The price includes complimentary worldwide shipping. Speak to a member of our sales team today at +44 208 804 6200 (Monday to Friday).

18k Solid Gold & 24k iPhone 15 Luxury range​

Luxury iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max

24k Gold iPhone 15 Elite​

24k Gold iPhone 15 Elite

from £ 3,199.00

Rose Gold iPhone 15 Elite

Rose Gold iPhone 15 Elite

from £ 3,199.00

Platinum iPhone 15 Elite​

Platinum iPhone 15 Elite

from £ 3,199.00

iPhone 15 Release date

iPhone 15
Release date

Leaked sources confirm the iPhone 15 is due out in the first half of September 2023. Above video from MacRumors as well as the leaked blueprint below show the new iPhone 15 will look pretty much identical to the Phone 14.

Ming-Chi Kuo the seasoned Apple analyst reckons the new Phone 15 line-up will feature four devices even though Goldgenie will only be focusing on the Pro and Pro Max versions in pure 24k Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum.

iPhone 15 Blueprint

A leaked blueprint of the NEW iPhone 15 shows it will be almost identical to the new iPhone 14
iPhone 15 Blueprint

18k ICON iPhone 15

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