24k Gold Microphones

Step on stage with the confidence and bling of a rock legend. With Goldgenie and SHURE, you will sound great and dazzle any crowd with our professionally customized 24K Gold SHURE microphones. We customize the mics that create some of the world’s top performances, from Rihanna to Nicki Minaj. Combine the best audio dynamics and luxury customization with SHURE and Goldgenie.

The SHURE SM58, MV7 and Super 55 Deluxe in 24k Gold
Singing, Podcasting, or Hosting an event? These genuine 24k Gold plated SHURE mic’s will rock and dazzle any crowd or audience with elevating vocals, and 5 microns of pure gold applied to perfection by the masters.

  • Authenticated 24K genuine Gold
  • Stage / studio ready
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free worldwide shipping via DHL
  • Customization and personalization services are available upon request.
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