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Goldgenie launch their luxury gifts brand in Boca Raton Florida and get the attention of multi-media giants corporation Viacom. Their product range includes the Gold iPhone, iPad, Swarovski crystal cordless mouse’s and real roses preserved in 24k Gold.

2013 – Goldgenie are flown to Los Angeles again to personally deliver 30 Platinum brush plated iPads, 30 24k Gold iPhones which get distributed to a star studded cast at a Viacom award ceremony Kevin Hart, Vin Diesel, Jackie Chan, Bradley Cooper and Mark Wahlberg to name just a few of the glittering line up of attendees are present to receive their luxury items. The call was a direct result from the launch of Goldgenie in America several weeks before.

Katherine Webb with Brush plated Platinum iPad from Goldgenie

Models Christine Teigen (John Legends wife) holding the Goldgenie 24k Gold iPhone and Katherine Webb

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