Gold Plating Party Event

Gold Plating Party Event


The Caribbean Basin has the unique distinction of a myriad of different cultures and ethnicities melded together by historical and geographic factors to yield a mosaic of physical and genetic features. As a result of this mixture, individuals descended from this gene pool have a distinct genetic makeup. This makes it difficult to find a match for those stricken with hematological and auto-immune diseases, in need of a stem cell/bone marrow transplant.

Current Situation

There is 39 million registered donors in worldwide registries. The likelihood of finding a match varies, from 77 percent in Caucasians, Latino 45 percent, Asians 40 percent, African descent 25 percent, and Mixed 20 percent.

  • World Marrow Fund Diversity Program, encourages individuals from underrepresented groups to go to their local registries to register as potential donors.
  • Patient care & support via the Caribbean Bone Marrow Registry
  • Scholarships for the children of deceased patients
  • Orphanage in Suriname