Make money Customising 100’s of everyday items in 24k Gold and Silver

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Gold Plating Business
  • Affiliation to Goldgenie as a Goldgenie Certified Professional
  • No Royalties
  • Work from home
  • Complete turn key package
  • Mentoring/ guidance from the Goldgenie Team
  • Dedicated business team to help you set up
  • Enough Gold plating solution to recoup your initial investment
  • Simple step by step training via web link and hard copy manual
  • 24k Gold plate any conductive item within 1 hour of receiving your new customisation business

Only £2,997.00

Demonstration Videos

How to Gold Plate Stainless Steel

How to Gold Plate Stailless Steel

How to Gold Plate Chrome

Gold Plate

How to Gold Plate a Tap

Gold Plate Tap

This is what you get in the package

Gold Plating Solutions
  • The Goldgenie Certified Professional affiliation
  • The Goldgenie Pro plating machine & professional display kit with gold plated samples
  • Gold plating equipment including probes, leads, eye protectors, plastic containers, gloves and a user manual, (just an example of what you will receive n your business kit)
  • 500ml of Gold solution included (enough solution to return your original investment)
  • 1 litre of Chrome stripper
  • 1 litre of Nickel Activator
  • 1 litre of Stainless steel activator
  • Simple step by step training video link emailed when purchased online
  • Promotional leaflets. Full-colour double-sided A5 leaflets
  • Business cards and letterheads featuring your own logo and contact details
  • Telephone technical support between GMT 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday


  • Lifetime Warranty on plating machine
  • Goldgenie affiliate link, make 10% of sales promoting our products online.
  • your own fully functional e-commerce website

Only £2,997.00

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James Caan Goldgenie Business Opportunity
Gold Plating and Luxury Gift Business

Only £2,997.00

Goldgenie Business Opportunity

The Goldgenie Business Opportunity as seen on and invested in on the hit BBC2 T.V show Dragons Den by James Caan, is now available to upwardly mobile individuals wanting to start their own businesses. The Gold Business Opportunity as it is more aptly known can turn everyday items into luxurious 24k Gold embellished sought after gifts. For instance, a set of normal stainless-steel IKEA cutlery can be quickly transformed into an expensive Wedding, Anniversary or Christening gift.

Business opportunities like the one Goldgenie is offering do not come around often, especially where the set up cost to participate is under £3,000 for your very own “turn key” package opportunity, where with a short training video you can be efficiently turning your own items to silver and gold within a few hours of getting your kit out, Midas Touch! for want of a better term.

After years of development the Goldgenie Business Opportunity was birthed by founder Laban Roomes in 1995 who then packaged it as a business a few years after, in turn helping literally hundreds of people worldwide to start and profit from their own efforts with the guidance of the Goldgenie team.

The Business Opportunity having won several awards and with the backing of ex Dragon and business ICON James Caan there could not be a better time than now to start your own Gold and Silver plating business customising every day items for literally hundreds of pounds, for instance, in your very own and ready-made business opportunity you too can emulate Laban’s success which saw him net over £25,000 per month gold plating emblems for Lexus cars alone, was the first to gold plate mobile phones using the same technology and who has refurbished bathroom fittings in exclusive hotels such as the Savoy and The Ritz.

This particular Business Opportunity can be operated full or part time, depending on how many hours you wish to put into it. Having the backing and affiliation with a larger company such as Goldgenie is exactly what many smaller companies that are starting out need. Once you have received training from us on how to gold or silver plate everyday items we will issue you with a certificate and you will be able to use our Goldgenie certified professional logo on your letter heads and accompanying stationary.

Part time Goldgenie Business Opportunity certified professionals working just 9 hours a week can expect to make anything between £800 and £1200 per week gold or silver plating an array of items ranging from bathroom taps, jewellery to watches and household goods such as cutlery and ornaments, all of which can be resold online or to friends and family for a handsome profit.

Goldgenie have been selling business opportunities for individuals wanting to work from home for over twenty years and have helped many people find financial independence. Please note that our business opportunity is not for everyone but if you want to make money, creative and passionate about having a flexible lifestyle which allows you to work when and where you like with an executive level salary then quite possibly you have come to the right place and this business opportunity is for you.

Goldgenie business opportunity, transforming the way people work.

Call +44 208 804 6200 and speak to a member of our team, you can also purchase over the phone using your debit/credit card.

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Please Note: Goldgenie are not associated with Apple Inc. or any of its brands in any way.

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