Chrome Plating Kit

The Chrome Effect… how a gold plating kit from Goldgenie can change your life and your bank balance forever

Ever looked at a buffed Harley Davidson’s wheels and thought “too cool”? We’ve all seen those impressive rims or even simply bathroom taps… Chrome is sleek, smart, shiny, and hard-wearing.

Coating other, more easily tarnished metal items with chrome enables them to live longer and look better. Mirror shine? Chrome delivers every time.

So it’s common for people to want items chrome plated. But chrome plating can be tricky to an untrained hand. So many people, wisely, look to a professional to do it. And with a business opportunity package with Goldgenie, that professional could be you.

With Goldgenie, your gold plating kit can also become a chrome plating kit. We give you all the expert training and top quality materials to enable you to give your clients’ items a fantastic finish.

How to use a Chrome Plating Kit

Chrome plating is the process of plating a fine layer of chromium onto a plastic or metal item. This layer of chrome can be for aesthetic purposes, to prevent corrosion, to make cleaning easier, to increase the hardness of the object’s surface – or all of the above. Sometimes if it’s just for decorative purposes, a less expensive “chrome imitator” can be used.

Chrome plating basically involves a few distinct stages.

  • De-grease the item so that there is no heavy soiling
  • Clean the object by hand to make sure all dirt residue and surface impurities are gone
  • Depending on the underlying metal, you will need to conduct certain pre-treatments
  • Placing the item into a plating vat, where it can heat up to the temperature of the solution
  • Applying a plating current and leaving the item underneath it for a specific time to develop thickness.

With a gold plating kit from Goldgenie, we supply everything you need for quality chrome plating any item you can think of. We provide professional CE tested equipment as well as rigorous training – to ensure you really know how to use your chrome plating kit like a master.

As the world’s leading customisation specialists, we’re the go-to brand for people who want to be successful in gold plating. New Goldgenie business opportunity owners receive a full business and gold plating package. You will be supplied with marketing tools, a business support team and a mentor. Not to mention a complete gold plating kit with all the finest chemicals needed and enough gold to earn back your original investment. Talk about a winning edge…

With Goldgenie’s plating kits, you can earn a fantastic income from home by perfecting treasured items – whether they be phones, alloys, or handbags. We’ve worked with countless business owners who’ve seen their lives and bank balances transformed…and it all started with a simple enquiry.

To find out if chrome plating could be for you, fill out our enquiry form below and we’ll get in touch for a chat.

Plating Services

Goldgenie also specialise in all metal finishing and plating services, including gold, silver, rhodium chrome plating. Please email us at [email protected] with required finishing services needed or call +44 208 804 6200 for a friendly quote.

What’s included?

When you invest in a Goldgenie Business Opportunity we’ll give you everything you need to start your business – actually you’ll be hitting the ground running! There are few opportunities that offers you as much as Goldgenie, on top of this you can be assured that you are with a trusted and globally recognised brand.

As part of your package you’ll receive:

  • The Goldgenie Pro plating machine & professional display kit
  • Gold plating equipment including probes, leads, eye protectors, plastic containers, gloves and a user manual, (just an example of what you will receive in your business kit).
  • Full-colour double-sided A5 leaflets
  • Goldgenie Certified Professional business cards and letterheads featuring your own logo and contact details
  • Sufficient Gold included to return your original investment.
  • Dedicated business mentor and team to help you set up
  • Telephone technical support between 8am and 6pm
  • Lifetime Warranty on plating machine
  • Training video tutorials and FREE on-site training as required
  • 10% discount on all Goldgenie products

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