The Crystalgenie Business Opportunity

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Earn over £200 per day with your own Swarovski Crystal Customisation Business…



Crystalgenie Business Opportunity

The new Crystalgenie business opportunity offers enthusiastic new entrepreneurs from all walks of life the chance to embellish everyday items with real stunning Swarovski crystals.

Absolutely no experience is necessary – just a willingness to work and bags of enthusiasm.

From mobile phones and laptops to microphones, from games consoles and clutch bags to shoes and jewellery, Swarovski Crystals can bring a sense of “celebrity” to literally hundreds of everyday items. Global demand for real Swarovski crystals continues to soar worldwide thus offering new opportunities to those with a little entrepreneurial spirit but much ambition and financial independence.

An excepted fact is that Goldgenie are the international “go-to” customisation kings, and now with Crystalgenie we have the luxury sector covered. Now we’re offering you the chance to grab a piece of this booming global industry and be part of the successful and rapidly growing Goldgenie brand.

What’s included?

The timing couldn’t be better to launch your own crystal customisation business.

In the last few years the luxury goods industry has smashed any so-called glass ceilings to pieces, with profits breaking records worldwide.

It’s a multi-million pound business which just keeps growing, despite the global recession – as hard workers increasingly see the need to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Now you can be a part of it.

Our partners will receive a fully-comprehensive start-up package which includes:

  • Free simple to understand training video link
  • Enough Swarovski crystals to recoup your initial investment
  • Magnification head set
  • 3 x packs of 1000 Swarovski crystals (clear white small and medium size crystals)
  • Large set of professional tweezers
  • Swarovski Crystal applicator
  • Swarovski Crystal adhesive
  • Swarovski Crystal container holder
  • Hot fix applicator (for applying crystals to material such as T-shirts, shoes and jeans)
  • 500 x A5 colour leaflets
  • Professional Aluminium carry case to house your new business.

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