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Apple uses real Gold. Apple has been known for its creativity, sophistication, and uniqueness over the years, so maybe she wouldn’t have a choice other than to make use of real Gold to achieve her first-class products. Asides from the gold in iPhones – iWatch, iPad, Apple TV, Macintosh, iOS, macOS, Home Pod, iPod are other consumer electronics or computer software services designed and developed by Apple.

Despite technological advancement, Apple still manages to recreate fine products that work for absolutely anyone. The devices or gadgets are products of excellent ideas and crafting through the best materials. Her most outstandingly purchased product is the iPhone as it the most basic yet, having multi-functions. In 2018, Apple sold 46.89 million units in just one quarter of the year. It has become a necessity in this present age, and so have all phone types.

The Gold In iPhones

Gold is mixed with many other metals such as silver, copper, platinum, etc., in the composition of smartphones and so on an iPhone. An iPhone consists of about 0.0018 grams of Gold. That isn’t even up to half a gram, not even a quarter. That is, estimated to be about 0.0012 ounces of real Gold. It also consists of 0.012 ounces of silver and 0.000012 ounces of platinum worth $1.52, $0.24, and $0.017. Watching this quantity of Gold in one iPhone, the amount used seems pretty small.

Upon finding out smartphones – iPhone consists of Gold, and one might expect or think it’ll contain a whole lot more than what it does, especially when considering its high price. It is, however, a tiny amount, but the originality lasts throughout the lifetime of the device. They are good conductors of electricity, also corrosion resistant and they have easy workability.

The Necessity for Gold Recycling

Although it has been opined that the use of gold resources would be restricted or prohibited by the constitution worldwide, Apple, however, dismantles hundreds of iPhones every hour and forward them for recycling. Apple boasts about recycling as it a necessary medium of production.  She has saved herself a reasonable cost of production by using recycled materials of her iPhones. In her annual environmental report, Apple said she recovers 2,204 pounds (more than a ton) of Gold from recycled iPhones, iPads, and Macs. That’s worth $40 million.

Where to get your Apple iPhone Gold Plated?

Knowing how much Gold your iPhone consists of, is wanting to burst your iPhone with more Gold to bring it to the peak of luxury and opulence a desire? Goldgenie is the go-to place.

Goldgenie aims to bring to reality the fantasy of every prospect to enjoy that luxury. Asides from grafting Gold on your phone, it is also preserving or saving your valuable. It’s a form of investment.

Goldgenie is the home of satisfaction for your gold plating. Moreover, integrity, professionalism, and happiness are all you’ll find here. Get that unique and outstanding design to your phone with us today!

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