• Why should I use Goldgenie?

    Goldgenie our industry leading experts in specialist gold plating, established 1995 we have grown to be market leaders in supplying outstanding gold plating services and products worldwide.

  • Do you guarantee your gold plating, if so for how long?

    Depending on what is gold plated, from 12 months to a LIFETIME guarantee on products and services.

  • Do you make your gold plating chemicals in house or do you sub this out to another company?

    Goldgenie’s award winning gold plating chemicals are all prepared by our in house chemical engineer Mr. Choi Lin (Phd) who is responsible for developing gold adhesion for NASA space exploration projects. That’s why we can guarantee our work for longer than any other gold plating company.

  • Do you ship your products abroad?

    Yes we do, as well as the U.K Goldgenie ship products to the U.S.A, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia on a daily basis. We use U.P.S, Fed Ex and International signed for delivery.

  • Do you sell gold plating machines?

    Well, we don’t just sell you a plating machine, we sell you a business..for further information and to become a Goldgenie Certified Profesional gold plater, please see our Business Opportunity section for full details.

  • Do you have local gold platers, some one who could come to my house?

    Yes we do, please call us on 0845 463 8973 to find out if we have one near you!

  • What other items do you gold plate?

    Religious Historic Artefacts for Mosques, Temples and Synagogues
    Golf clubs
    Musical Instruments
    Yacht anchors
    Credit cards
    Bathroom fittings

    Womens Toys

    Game consoles Ornaments
    Car badges and parts
    motorbike parts
    Bicycle frames and wheels
    Penny coins
    Call us on 0845 463 8973 if you do not see item you would like to have plated.

  • How much do you charge to 24ct.gold plate ipods and mobile phones if they are sent in to you?

    Goldgenie Charge:
    �299.00 for ipods (Complete back of ipod)
    �1600.00 for iphones (front bezel of iphone 4G and apple logo as well as front bezel for 3G iphone)
    For all other prices please call 0845 463 8973 or fill in the “contact us online” section at bottom of this page.

Please Note: Goldgenie are not associated with Apple Inc. or any of its brands in any way.


Please note our business is open as normal and shipping times remain the same. We have also taken measures based on government regulations to ensure our retail and office staff keep safe.

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