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Bullion ingots

Goldgenie has created a range of 999.9 solid gold ingot pendants available as a single gold bullion ingot or as a collection. Ranging from 56 grams in weight to over 200 grams, each one with GI certificate white colour diamond embedded. Each Ingot is stamped with the unique internationally recognised London ASSAY Hallmark.

  • 999.9Gold Bullion Ingots
  • Each one is available singularly or as a set
  • Single embedded GI Diamond
  • Free worldwide Delivery via DHL
  • Gift Box
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Lifetime Warranty

Gold Bullion Ingot Pendants


Set of 5 Gold Bullion Ingots

Price: £24,997.50

Single Gold Bullion Ingot

Price: £8,330.83

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