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Luxury 24k Gold iPhone 8

Available in 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum and Diamonds.

Register your interest below and be the first to know when we launch in 2017 where you can secure your NEW Gold iPhone 8 for only a 50% deposit.

iPhone 8, Register your interest iphone-8-gold

Register your interest below and be the first to know when we launch in 2017 where you can secure your NEW Gold iPhone 8 for only a 50% deposit.

iPhone 8, Register your interest iphone-8-gold

Pre-ordering will be available from this webpage and at our luxury retail store, the iMall, in United Arab Emirates for a 50% deposit in August 2017.

Get the New iPhone 8 Goldgenie Style!

With the release of the iPhone 8 imminent, Goldgenie is preparing to offer a line of exquisite, custom gold versions of the iPhone 8. Apple’s latest offering is predicted to make the iPhone 7 look nearly obsolete. Having shuffled through nearly a dozen different prototypes until finding the absolute perfect one, the folks at Apple are prepared to stun the world with the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 and Goldgenie

Apple’s bringing the upgrades and innovative new features, while Goldgenie is bringing the luxury to the iPhone 8. With Goldgenie’s custom embellishments—from precious metal and 24k gold, to diamonds and Swarovksi style crystals—the new iPhone 8 will be the ultimate in exquisitely beautiful smart phone technology.

What Does the New iPhone 8 Offer? 

As far as the iPhone 8’s newest features and updates, users can expect to be dazzled. Here are just a few of the rumored renovations to the newest member of the Apple smart phone family:

  • Sleek edge to edge display
  • Absence of a physical home button
  • Wireless charging
  • Face recognition

And these are just the beginning of what makes the iPhone 8 so incredible. Perhaps best of all when it comes to the iPhone 8, will be the increased speed and capacity. Due to the inclusion of what many are saying is a faster and more efficient A12 processor, the iPhone 8’s overall performance certainly stands to delight those who may have some gripes about the slower performances of past iPhones. Not to mention, instead of LCD technology, the iPhone 8 will be all about OLED. What does this mean: More vibrant picture quality, sharper colors and enhanced contrast.

What Will Goldgenie be Offering When it Comes to the iPhone 8?

As with previous iPhone models, when it comes to the iPhone 8 Goldgenie is poised to customize and inspire! Offering embellishments in 24 k gold, rose gold, along with other amazingly exquisite designs, Goldgenie will turn the iPhone 8 into a work of art, such that A-list celebrities, captains of industry and the very elite will be proud to own.

Additionally, we will be offering even more luxurious upgrades to the iPhone 8, including diamond accents, personalized engraving, corporate logo engraving as well as Swarovski crystal embellishments. Our promise to you: We will transform the iPhone 8 from just spectacular into a truly one-of-a-kind phenomenal product that will take your breath away.

When Can We Expect the New iPhone 8?

With reports suggesting that the iPhone 8 could launch as early as this Fall, people are already anticipating their orders. This year actually marks the 10th anniversary of the best-selling iPhone line, and so the iPhone 8 was designed to commemorate the occasion in a big way. Goldgenie too, has a couple of highly anticipated iPhone 8 designs in mind to celebrate the milestone. We’ll just have to wait and see!

The launch of the iPhone 8 is imminent with new design features set to take the mobile smartphone market by storm, the most notable being the camera which is rumored to come in an oblong shape for the plus size version, and an even larger circular design camera.

We, at Goldgenie, are currently designing our most innovative range to date of limited customised iPhone 8 finishes, which will include genuine 24k Gold, Rose Gold and our Diamond encrusted MegaStar versions.

Goldgenie will offer:

Customise your iPhone 8 services – On the launch of the NEW iPhone 8 Goldgenie can collect your device no matter where you are in the world using our secure and insured couriers. On receipt of your device, we will customise your iPhone in the desired finish of real 24k Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum.

Laser engraving services – Personalise your device with images of a loved one, your signature or corporate logo.

Diamond setting services – Customise your smartphone with a range of flawless, VVS and VS1 diamonds.

Gold plating services – Pioneering technology as featured on the Gadget Show, we will collect your device from anywhere in the world and return your device with your required gold plated and embellished finish. Goldgenie were the first company to gold plate iPhones in 2007 when they were launched by Apple.

Solid 18k Gold services – Let us cast a solid 18k Gold housing for your iPhone 8. Our skilled Gold technicians will create your iPhone 8 of dreams from solid 18k Gold.

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