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Luxury Gifts Collection

Apple iPhone 7 - Click here to see full collection

The latest iPhone 7 is the latest cutting edge smart phone that Goldgenie artisans can embellish and customise when launched, available in 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, solid Gold, Diamonds, Swarovski style crystals and python skins.

iPhone 7 Swarovski Brilliance
iPhone 7 Supernova
iPhone 7 Supernova
24k Gold iPhone 7 Plus
24k Gold iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 Diamond Collection

The latest iPhone 7 Diamond collection is the finest example of craftsmanship incorporating goldsmiths and diamond setters with decades of experience working together to produce Goldgenie’s pinnacle flagship range of the luxury iPhone 7. Available in 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, solid Gold and event sustainably sourced exotic skin.

iPhone 7 Diamond Cluster
iPhone Diamond RockStar
iPhone Diamond RockStar
Rose Gold Diamond RockStar
Rose Gold Diamond RockStar
iPhone 7 Diamond MegaStar

Apple iPhone 6s

Goldgenie pioneered the art of Gold-plating iPhones in 2007 and their embellishments include 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, solid Gold, Diamonds, Swarovski style crystals and python skins.

Gold iPhone 6s Diamond Rockstar
Gold iPhone
6s crocodile skin

Samsung Galaxy

Goldgenie is proud to unveil it’s latest customised smartphone range, including the Gold Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge, featuring a revolutionary curved display.

Gold BlackBerry Phones

One of the most efficient devices in the corporate world. Goldgenie’s touch make these communication devices true treasures of our time.

BlackBerry Passport
BlackBerry P'9983
Crystal BlackBerry

Gold HTC Smart Phones

The slightly curved shape of the award winning HTC collection makes them very comfortable to handle and fine examples of modern smartphone design.

Gold HTC One M10

Limited Edition Gulf state collection

Our Luxury 24k Gold Limited Edition Gulf range can be customised with seven Gulf state and endless customisation options

Worlds Smallest 24k Gold Phone

Goldgenie are proud to present the smallest 24k Gold mobile phone in the world.

The New 24k Gold iMac 27 inc 5K

Goldgenie are proud to present the 24k Gold iMac 27 inch 5K.

The 24k Gold Macbook Pro

The most luxurious Macbook Pro in the world with Diamond encrusted Apple logo

Executive Desk Collection

Goldgenie’s proud to present a new executive range of 24K Gold embellished desktop stationery sets crafted by a one of the world’s finest traditional stationery designers.

Exotic customised cases

Exquisite materials and superb craftsmanship from our master craftsman ensure our cases will not only stand the test of time but allow for better grip and easy insertion in and out of your pocket or purse, with a touch of class.

24K Gold Shoes

Exquisite Leather and 24K Gold heels marks the supreme craftsmanship from Goldgenie co-producing a gold-plated collection of shoes with Deeasjer, These Stilettos are being raved about by fashionistas worldwide ahead of the latest season.

24K Gold Shisha

Finely crafted electronic Shisha, embellished in pure 24k Gold by our master craftsman

Goldgenie Crystal Collection

Exquisite Hand crafted, lead free Crystal with 24k Gold elements.

24K Gold Men's Racing Bike

Goldgenie’s in-house team of customization artisans recently completed embellishing a men’s British racing bike with 24K Gold and have elevated this modest form of transport to another level.

Gold Segwheel

Now you can roll on with the new 24K Gold embellished segwheel

Luxury Corporate Gifts

Goldgenie’s stunning range of 24k Gold ornaments, technology and lifestyle accessories make the perfect gestures of gratitude, recognition or ?celebration in the corporate world.

Luxury Gifts

Embellished in mirror-like 24k Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum, or covered in exotic Lizard Skin, our luxury gifts are the ultimate statement in elegance.

Presidential Watch

Gold Microphone


Goldgenie’s sound collection boasts top of the range technology embellished with 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum and
Swarovski style crystals.

iPhone Speakers
Crystal Headphones
Earbud 18 Karat Gold

Gold iPad Mini 4

24K Gold, 24k Rose Gold or Platinum iPad Mini 4.

Lizard Skin iPad

A range of Exotic skin, customisation options for the iPad Mini 4

Gold iPad Air 2

Classic iPad embellished by our master craftsman

Gold Surface Pro

Heart of a laptop. Body of a tablet. The 24K Gold Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Apple iPad Pro

Goldgenie’s stunning 24k Gold iPad pro features cutting edge technology, the most advanced screen and the fastest processor all hand embellished in-house.

Apple iPod

24k Gold makes a classic gift all the more special.

Gold Roses

Preserved in 24k Gold, true love that never dies.


Using a patented “exploded bronze” technique, these 24k Gold plated sculptures are hand-crafted individually and may be customized to incorporate semi-precious stones if desired.

Gold Falcon
Gold Horse
Gold Candelabras

Solid Gold Watch Collection

Luxurious solid gold watches, dazzling in their elegance and uniqueness.
Designed for those with the most exquisite tastes, those who understand true beauty, craftsmanship and superior value and feature Swiss movement for those who desire an investment as well as a fashion statement.

Ganesha Watch
Peacock Watch
1974 Coin Watch
Diamond Flower Watch

Gold Watches

The DNA collection consists of 7 limited edition designs which are finished with 24k Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum prestige plating and embellishment.


Apple Watch 2 Spectrum Collection

Available in Solid 18K or 24K Gold plated, Rose Gold or Platinum encrusted with Swarovski style crystals or diamonds and a wide range of exotic animal skin straps.

Solid Gold & Diamond
Elite Exotic

18k Solid Gold & Diamond Rolex Submariner NBA edition

Goldgenies’ Master craftsman have produced their most stunning customised Rolex yet, Limited edition to just 10 pieces for the NBA and crafted from 18k Gold with 8ct of VS1 Diamonds makes this a true modern classic and a sought after collectors piece.

18k Solid Gold Rolex Submariner

Goldgenie has mastered the art of bespoke customisation of fine watches with our craftsman having produced this one of a kind customised Rolex Submariner, this timepiece is created from solid 18k Gold and can also be specified with Diamonds which makes this a sought after collectors piece and a future heirloom for future generations.

Red Bull Racing Team Collection

The limited-edition collection has been crafted and inspired by individual high performance car parts, each taking many hours of skilled workmanship to hone and perfect. Every item in the collection comes with a certificate of authenticity and a history of where each part was raced or used by the team.


Gold Gun

Limited Edition 24k Gold James Bond 007 Walther …

Gold Cigar

24k Gold embellished Havana Cigar.

Gold Consoles

Goldgenie have a range of luxury customised games consoles.

Gold Stand

This accessory ensures elegant display of your iPad or tablet.

Special Offers

Lots of great offers to be had on iPhones, iPads and more.

Gold Plane

The Limited edition perfect desk accessory for the discerning traveller.

Gold Tennis Racquet

Limited Edtion 24K Gold Champion’s Tennis Racquet.

Golf Accessories

Perfect for the Golfer who values function as much as beauty.

Crystal Mice

Wireless mice customised with hundreds of dazzling Swarovski style crystals.

Gold Egyptian Ornaments

24K Gold Egyptian ornament unique collection.

24k Gold USB Drive

Gold 30GB flash drive.

iPhone 6s Box Set

Perfect for those that want the latest in Apple tech in one package.

Buying Apple products

On receipt of your initial payment we will purchase an Apple device on your behalf in preparation for the customisation process.

Please Note: Goldgenie are not associated with Apple Inc. or any of its brands in any way.