Luxury Gifts for Men & Women

You cannot name ten precious stones without mentioning gold or platinum, you cannot name the top 10 smartphones without naming the iPhone 12, neither can you name the top 10 gold plating companies without naming Goldgenie. Stay on top of your game with the all-new Luxury Gifts solid gold iPhone 12.

If you read the iPhone 12 series press release posted the other time [put the link to the article here], you would discover how promising the new iPhone 12 pro is and why you should not wait till it is released before you pre-order premium gold, rose gold or platinum plated version for yourself.

Luxury Gifts for Men & Women

Solid Gold iPhone 12

Unlike other companies that claim to offer gold plating solutions, Goldgenie will provide you with its solid gold iPhone 12 to thrill your moments and offer you the best value for money & Luxury Gifts. You can also explore the investment opportunities around the product when you pre-order now and resell at a higher rate later.

The choice is yours, what Goldgenie would ensure you are a top-notch quality delivery of Genuity packed in a beautiful Luxury Gifts box that you would never like to depart with.

You don’t have to settle for less with the regular metallic body of the iPhone 12 when you can get yourself Goldgenie solid gold iPhone 12 and ensure twice the luxury and durability of an ordinary metal finish. The only thing standing in between you and the solid gold version of the iPhone 12 from Goldgenie is the right amount of funds in your wallet and a click away.

The Russian company, Caviar takes the customization game a level higher by adding bits of 8 stunning diamond pieces on the body of its customized iPhone 12 in a bid to make it more luxurious, this, of course, has its implication on the price.

Caviar set to release the phenomenal customized iPhone 12 in October, although the date depends mostly on when Apple officially releases it before the company buys it and customizes it.

The price for the customized iPhone 12 by Caviar ranges from $23,380 for the 128GB variant to $24,540 for higher versions. However, Caviar has tried not to leave out anyone feeling insignificant in the race to purchase the new iPhone 12, that’s why the company introduced a cheaper variant of the customization which is a combination of alligator leather and gold plate and is expected to go for as low as $5,000 which is good too, considering the price chase down for other variants.

As appealing as the caviar looked, it may still not be able to match up with the impressive finishing and a handover note

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