18k Solid Gold I-Ching Coin

Each coin contains approx. 6 Grams of 18k Gold and are made by our in house Goldsmiths then Hallmarked at the London Assay Office. Chinese i-Ching coins are extremely powerful and can help attract money, abundance and prosperity.

  • Each I-Ching coin is made from solid 18k Gold weighing 6 grams each
  • Comes complete with Gift box.

Goldgenie also offers a single coin which expresses the energy of the trinity of heaven, earth and luck. Each coin contains 6 Grams of Gold and is hand pressed by in-house Goldsmiths with the authentic Goldgenie hallmark. Gold Chinese I-Ching Coins are an extremely powerful and ancient helping to attract money, abundance and prosperity… a mystic tassel to double the good fortune, endless wealth and luck. These stunning coins are superbly produced with the highest purity of Gold. They are then painstakingly cleansed of negative energy and positively empowered with Sheng Chi when finished and again when we send them out for delivery.


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