Tennis racket

Goldgenie are proud to present the ultimate winner’s racket. The 24K Gold Champion’s Racket is a high performance premium aluminium racket that has been lavished in 24K Gold by our craftsmen. Due to the added weight and embellishment of the strings, it is an ornamental piece but is the ultimate trophy for any tennis player who has earned their stripes on court. Presented in an elegant custom frame, the 24K Gold Champion’s Racket will be limited to just 99. Each racket will be engraved with its number in the series and presented in a beautiful frame. Please note, the frame in picture on our website is a representation only and will be bespoke to your wishes at an additional cost.

Limited Edition 24K Gold Champion’s Tennis Racket


Limited Edition 24K Gold Champion’s Tennis Racket

Price: £1,695.00